Oct 2020

The famous Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex’s founder, was onto something when he made his company logo a crown. To no one’s surprise, Rolex has remained the king of all watches for more than 100 years. Its enormous brand equity is because it gives so little away, a key to its mystique, which means it’s frequently ranked first in surveys of super-brands in the US.

But this reputation is not just a marketing gimmick. Rolex is Rolex because it makes perfect products. Everybody loves the fact that the classic Rolex models are not only made to look good but also perfect for exploring and adventurous purposes.

For example, The Submariner, the most incredible dive watch, was made for divers. Rolex created the GMT-Master for Pan-Am’s pilots, who experienced a new phenomenon called jet-lag and wanted a watch that showed two time zones simultaneously. Rolex introduced the Milgauss in the ’50s as an anti-magnetic watch for people who worked in medical facilities, power plants & nuclear research labs, where strong electromagnetic fields were present.

Rolex aficionados are incredibly passionate about Rolex sports models, which have long been associated with adventures, explorers, and athletes. Along with the famous James Bond Submariner worn by Sean Connery in “Dr No,” an early version of the GMT was worn by US flying ace Chuck Yeager and several astronauts.

All this contributes something to their value. So if you’re going to buy a watch to invest in, buy a Rolex. Rolexes gain value faster than any other brand, so it’s safe to say that Wilsdorf had a gift for foresight.

He bet on the wristwatch very early. Each of his significant innovations (putting a timepiece on the wrist, making it accurate, making it waterproof, and making automatic watches) helped create the modern wristwatch as we know it.

Rolex doesn’t go messing with perfection. Instead of visible whistles and bells, the brand concentrates on research and engineering, continually updating the technology inside its watches on the quiet.

Many people believe that investing in watches do not make sense; however, Rolex watches are a great way to preserve cash before 2020 ends. There are many stories and examples of how those watches have appreciated over time.

When choosing the best Rolex Watches to invest in 2020, the key is to choose the watches with the highest demand. The higher the market, the higher the chance will be that the new Rolex that you just bought will appreciate it.

Rolex watches are often found in limited supply as they’re assembled by hand, and because of their luxury and high-end nature. On top of that, you might worry about your Rolex’s authenticity, but you’re already here, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

NY Watch Lab is renowned for selling Rolex Watches across New York and beyond. All our watches are guaranteed 100% authentic. If there’s a particular model you’re after, we recommend scouting out our website and deciding on the one that suits your taste and personality best.

Here are some of your favorite and reasonably affordable timepieces to help you find your perfect men’s Rolex, which you should buy before 2020 ends.

1. Rolex Submariner

If you’re waiting for Rolex to release a completely new watch, you might have to wait sometime. Rolex’s last new-new model was the Sky-Dweller, which came out in 2012. Before that, the company released the Yachtmaster in 1992 and the Sea-Dweller in 1971. Rolex follows the business model where it makes incremental tweaks to existing watch lines, and this model seems to be working out for them.

It explains why the release of a retooled Submariner, arguably Rolex’s single most iconic model, was one of the biggest watch releases of 2020 – even though you’d need a microscope and a degree in horology to spot the updates, the first changes since 2008. (This one’s 1mm bigger, for instance).

But the tweaks aren’t insignificant. Inside, you get a new caliber (the 3230), an almost 50 percent increase on the power reserve (up to 70 hours), and the latest escapement. In short, a fit-for-purpose 2020 Rolex, and a design classic that will outlive you.

2. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 

Red and yellow and pink and green, and also light blue, Rolex’s new Oyster Perpetual 36 comes in five colorful dials that represent something not always readily associated with the brand: fun. Anyone thinking Rolex has suddenly decided to chase the youth vote needn’t worry.

There’s a precedent here – Rolex’s ‘Stella’ dials that appeared on the Day-Dates with poppy, hard enamel designs as the world turned rainbow-colored in the early ‘70s. They’ve subsequently become highly sought-after. 36mm watches have a broad appeal, and these bright designs offer a welcome point-of-difference for anyone who finds the brand’s more traditional line-up a tad bit traditional.

3. Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’

Introduced way back in 1955 with the iconic red and white 24-hour scale on the bezel, this watch is the ultimate globetrotter’s watch. It earned the nickname ‘Pepsi.’ Although a red and black ‘Coke’ appeared in 1983. The most recent steel iteration adds a state of the art movement and a dressier ‘Jubilee’ bracelet. Other than that, the design hasn’t changed much in 60 years. So, you can file this under timeless, rather than vintage.

4. Rolex Explorer

Sitting somewhere between sports and a dress watch, the Explorer has been in production for decades. As the name suggests, the Explorer was made for people who love to be out there exploring this magnificent planet. It comes equipped with Paraflex shock absorbers for higher shock resistance. But it’s the handsomely proportioned dial, its period detail numerals, and matte finish, which makes this watch your perfect companion in the wild or on Mount Everest.

5. Rolex Sky-Dweller

It comes with dual time and annual calendar functions, making it the most complicated watch in Rolex’s arsenal. Previously available on Oyster bracelet or a leather strap, the 2020 version comes with the option of an Oysterflex bracelet – Rolex’s patented super-comfy design made up of a nickel and titanium alloy encased in black rubber.

Also new is the option of 18k yellow gold or Everose gold. It is a stunning piece of kit to drool over whatever time zone you happen to be trapped in, as there are statement watches, and then there’s the Sky-Dweller. So, you can go for it before 2020 ends.

6. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Oystersteel

In a line-up defined by headliners - the Datejust, the Daytona, the Submariner, and the Explorer – it would be easy to leave Rolex’s simplest offering. But if you wanted a watch that looks right with every outfit and every situation for the rest of your life, that was distinctive without being flashy; then this is it. The Oyster Perpetual is decades old, but it received an update in 2015 that included the new 39mm case (previously 36mm), an oyster bracelet, and a run of hand-finished dials in blue, grape red, & dark rhodium colors.

7. Rolex Submariner Date Oystersteel

Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date in Oyster Steel with Green Cerachrom Bezel and a Green Dial with Large Luminescent Hour Markers or the Rolex Hulk for the Gen Z is eye-candy. Introduced in 2010, it immediately amped-up the imagination of watch fans. The green isn’t just eye-catching; its fluid, going from bright to dark green in different light conditions. It also has a marine chronometer.

8. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oystersteel

You should consider yourself very lucky if you stumbled across a vintage Daytona (Paul Newman’s 1968 model remains the most expensive watch ever sold at auction, $17.8 Million in 2017). If you’re in the market for the most advanced chronograph Rolex has ever produced, this recent version is a perfect blend of old and new. The history, and the hype that this watch created, makes everyone fall in love with this watch.

9. Rolex Day-Date 40 18ct Everose gold

Rolex believes it’s hard to think of a timepiece that makes a more powerful statement of intent than this watch. This model has been ‘worn by more presidents, leaders, visionaries, and other celebrities than any other watch.’ Rolex created the ‘presidential’ style of the bracelet, especially for this design.

10. Rolex Datejust 36 Oystersteel

The Datejust was released in 1945 to mark the watchmaker’s 40th anniversary. The same year, Rolex also debuted a new kind of bracelet – the now-distinctive ‘jubilee.’ It is probably Rolex’s most popular model, and the first wristwatch ever with a date that changed automatically. The name comes from one of the company’s trademark neologisms – the date changes just before midnight.

11. Yacht-Master 42 18k White Gold


Now and then, Rolex tends to introduce new lines with glacial regularity. Since 1967, there have been just two, though, the Yacht-Master (1992) & the Sky-Dweller (2012). The Yacht-Master is the epitome of stealth luxury with its simple black dial, matching matte black bezel, Oysterflex rubber strap, and white gold case.

12. Rolex Air-King

Hans Wilsdorf created the Air-King to honor RAF (Royal Air Force) pilots in the Battle of Britain. The last of the Rolex models with ‘Air’ in the title: Air Giant, Air Lion, and Air Tiger, all appeared and subsequently vanished in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Rolex introduced the redesigned Air-King in 2016. It features a larger 40mm size and comes with anti-magnetic watch cases copped from its Milgauss line. The dial divides the markers between hours and minutes, and the pop of green on the second-hand Rolex’s corporate color is unique to this watch.

NY Watch Lab has every Rolex in its arsenal and much more

Now that you know which Rolex watches are perfect for investment, it is better that you buy them before 2020 ends. The market could be different next year, and you could be in for a surprise. So why wait? Get one that you like the most now.